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“Daughter” Sarah’s Wedding



As most of you know, Judy and I have been incredibly blessed by having a “Korean daughter.”  When I worked at Lockheed, from 1992-1995, I was involved with a project for Lockheed and the Korean Aerospace Industry to develop a nice trainer aircraft for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF).


One of the men I worked with was Lt. Colonel Jongho Rho, an F-4 weapon systems officer, who was in charge of seeing that the cockpit development for the T-50 met the ROKAF standards.  He and his lovely wife, Hyunju, and their 9 ½-year old daughter, Yuna, moved to Fort Worth for the program.  During the time we had together, Judy and I got to know the Rho family very well—and we fell in love with Yuna, who used the American name of Sarah.


After the program, the Rhos all returned to South Korea.  Judy and I moved to California for 4 ½ years, so I could work on Lockheed’s X-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program.  Jongho and Hyunju asked Judy and me if we would sponsor / oversee Sarah while she attended school in California.  Of course, we said we would.


Sarah attended 8th grade, then high school near our home in Palmdale, California and, though she lived with another Korean lady, Judy and I had a ball taking Sarah shopping, to the movies, and out to eat.  I also enjoyed doing school science projects with her, helping her with homework, and teaching her how to drive when she got older.  When Judy and I returned to Fort Worth—I did more work for the JSF Program, we continued to “sponsor” Sarah.  She attended the University of California at Riverside and got her Psychology Degree in June 2007.


Soon thereafter, Sarah became a manager at C2 Educate, a tutoring agency for kids wanting to improve SAT scores.  Over the years, Judy and I would see Sarah and her friends when we would travel to our timeshare near Escondido, CA.  Finally, she met the love of her life, Bong Eun (Luke) Chung.  Sarah and Luke became engaged and the wedding was soon planned—with Luke as a citizen (his folks had come to America years earlier), that allowed Sarah to get her Green Card immediately, which was wonderful.


Judy and I traveled to California for the wedding, which took place on October 27, 2012, in a hotel in Korea Town, Los Angeles.  Of course, Sarah’s parents, Jongho and Hyunju Rho, came over from Seoul…and we also got to meet Luke’s parents and many Korean friends of his and Sarah’s.  It was a wonderful wedding and, though the ceremony was in Hangul (the Korean language), Judy and I were seated with Sarah’s parents and treated almost like the “mother and father” of the bride!  Here are some photos from the event—we were so thrilled to see our “daughter” marry a great guy like Luke…and we look forward to many more years of knowing both of them!

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