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The Russells enjoy a lighter

moment while golfing together


"Welcome to Old Bugle Boy Bob's website! A good buddy of mine is helping me create something I have wanted for a long time--a place for me to share stories, jokes, and photos with family and friends. It will take time to construct the site as I envision it, so bear with me. I hope, in time, it will be a location that folks can visit to enjoy life through my eyes. For now, there will be no blogs offered or anyway of interacting with the site--perhaps in the future, I will offer the opportunity for you all to do so. God bless!"


"Old Bugle Boy Bob" Russell


Bob offers the following areas to share with family & friends on his website:

  • Travels - Share in photos and stories of the wonderful trips that Judy and I have been fortunate to take over the years

  • Music - Experience my love of making music through photos and stories--with church groups or with the various jazz bands in which I was a member

  • Golfing - As most of you know, I love to hate this game--enjoy photos, jokes and stories of my involvement with this sport over the years

  • Flying - Share with me my love for "slipping the surly bonds of Earth" in this section--photos, jokes and stories about my history with flight

  • Family & Friends - God has blessed me with wonderful family & friends; visit this section to see photos and stories that are meaningful to me

  • Religion & Prison Ministry - In my later years, I have focused on God & His many blessings; this section offers my opinions on theology & my ministry to prisoners

  • Miscellaneous - This "potpourri" section contains a variety of things that capture my life in stories and photos



Bob and Judy Russell

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